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The Talent Code
A book demystifying the concept of "talent" across multiple disciplines; outlines precisely how and why our best excel in their abilities--practice.

Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everyone Else is Overrated
Debunking the myth that successful people are born with an innate abiltiy in their chosen fields. Properly focused consistent practice is the key to success.

Mastery; the keys to success and long term fulfillment
A concise treatise on the mindset required to enjoy the process of learning. The book is written by a man studying aikido but the concepts are universal and essential to weathering the long term commitment of studying music.

The Inner Game of Music
The psychological perspective on how to concentrate and practice to close out the distractions which plague us and prevent us from performing our best, written by a professional musician.


Hearing the Music, Honing the Mind
Studies have shown that assiduous instrument training from an early age can help the brain to process sounds better, making it easier to stay focused when absorbing other subjects, from literature to tensor calculus. The musically adept are better able to concentrate on a biology lesson despite the racket in the classroom...

Report credits music education for boosting high-tech communities
Leiper said the research strongly suggests that a good music education in childhood leads to creative thinking, critical thinking, better social skills for collaborating with others, higher marks in English, higher marks in math, improved memory, better motor skills, boosts self-esteem and stimulates both halves of the brain — the analytical and artistic sides — better than anything else.

Learning should be its own reward, but sometimes motivators are necessary
Celebrate hard work and improvement, not just grades.
Reward with special time. Acknowledge a child's success with a family outing or activity. Recognizing a child's effort afterward is different than offering an advance enticement, experts say.

The Myth of ‘Practice Makes Perfect’
It's not how much you practice but whether you're quick to fix your errors that leads to mastery

Thoughts About Preparing For College Auditions by Dr. Ed Lacy

Audition insights from an experienced college professor

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